WhatsApp launched its new function

In the world of technology, new changes are seen continuously every day; new technology comes in front of the world, the way the people’s facilities are made even easier and they do not have any kind of problem, its entire Efforts are made. In the meantime, when the WhatsApp company stepped in, it made many changes among the common people, sending messages to people quickly, paying people, making video calls to them, making audio calls, and many such facilities. Started which the world of people has become much easier, and even now, in this continuous effort, how can it be made easier? Research is done on it continuously, and it is also being discussed.



WhatsApp has wholly talked about rolling off its new function, and they had said that when the function makes it much easier for the general public; since the way they started video calls, people have Most of the video calls were made by WhatsApp, although when the WhatsApp company stepped in, many video calling applications were present in this world even before that, the way they have given the facilities, the way they have made video calls inside free. After the facility was provided to get it done, people believed that WhatsApp gives video calling with a clear voice on one and inside it, their quality was also excellent, after which they started liking it very much.



WhatsApp has started the function of sending 60 seconds of video live.



The new function that the WhatsApp company has discussed is that now we can send the video of our lifetime to anyone by recording up to 60 seconds, and before this, this thing was not a new application. This is the first application on WhatsApp which has launched this feature, and the company has been working on it continuously for many days. – Will bring good things; he does not even copy any application; he runs this application on his own and will continue this forever.



At this time, it is seen that almost all the video calling is done by WhatsApp application, and people are seen taking full advantage of it when we see that the video, which is the result of 60 seconds, is also recorded by someone. If you can send it, it will be easier for people. They will not even need video calling and can share their video messages. The application to share real-time video messages is WhatsApp till now.


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