Why did Kangana call Karan Johar Chacha Chaudhary – know things related to his poem

There is always something new happening in Bollywood, and Bollywood is constantly in the limelight because there is a dispute between some or the other actors in Bollywood or some actor or the other sometimes says something due to which he is in the limelight. We have got to see a new anecdote on this that Karan Johar has written a poem. He wrote this poem because he believes he has many enemies in Bollywood. He said that we had written a poem without taking his name and had directly targeted our enemies. He also said that some time back, Karan Johar’s Anushka Sharma, the wife of Virat Kohli, recently had a video that went viral with her. It was told in it that a few years ago, Anushka Sharma’s career was going to end, and when I saw her, I tried my best to save her. Today, Anushka Sharma is in constant discussion, and her career is also at its peak.


Karan said against his haters, I launched people, today they are telling me bad


On this, without naming anyone, Karan Johar has targeted, and he has written a poem while posting on Instagram, which he has written in such a way that whatever blame you want to put on me, put it, we are not the ones to bow down and lie. The lower you show me, the more you accuse me. Karan Johar has targeted his haters by posting this poem on Instagram without naming anyone. He has done this because it is often said that a hint is enough for a wise man, so he has two sons. Seeing this poem, he must have understood for whom he posted this poem.


Although Karan Johar has written this poem very well, and is a very good poem, writing such poems in such an environment is not right to some extent. If we see it from his point of view, it is right, and looking at this poem Huye Kangana Ranaut, who is considered a staunch hater of Karan Johar, and Kangana Ranaut constantly keeps saying something wrong about Karan Johar. She only waits for the opportunity when she gets a chance and when she will say something to Karan Johar. He narrated some things, and on this, he made a video viral saying that this Chacha Chaudhary has no other work and this Chacha Chaudhary keeps doing only this. Due to this, Karan Johar is very angry, and he feels very bad.

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