Will India be able to win the 20 series?

The Indian team has wholly won the Test series inside the West Indies, and after that, the Indian team made its name 2-1 in the ODI series, and now the T20 series will be played in five matches for which Hardik is already prepared. The Indian team has made the captain and has already reached there wholly. Apart from the players who were removed from the ODI team and kept for the T20 series, the rest of the players have been sent from West Indies to India because they The players have been given rest so that they can prepare well for the upcoming Asia Cup and the ICC Cricket World Cup and provide a complete rest to their body, this is the aim of the BCCI.



The entire eye of the Indian cricket team will be the T20 victory today. If the Indian cricket team wins against the West Indies today, it becomes even more motivated because of how India first beat the West Indies in the Test series. After that, they defeated West Indies in the first ODI by a significant margin, but in the second ODI, Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli were dropped from the team. Then, at that time, Hardik was captaining the Indian team, and Indians under the captaincy of Hardik. The team lost the match to West Indies, but in the third and deciding ODI match Indian cricket team had an outstanding player whose best performance helped the Indian cricket team to get a huge victory.


t 20 series will be fought between west indies and india


After these matches, the senior team of India will leave for the series for South Africa. Still, before that, the Indians are preparing another group, in which Jasprit Bumrah will be the captain of the Indian team. WhichRituraj Gaikwad has been made the captain and vice-captain of the Indian team; both of them will be seen inside Ireland while leading the Indian team, and they are expected to perform very well as India’s brand new team against Ireland. There will be a lot of new faces to be seen, although some old faces are returning there, Jasprit Bumrah is also returning to cricket after his injury, so it will be a matter of seeing whether he is fit for the World Cup.


The Indian cricket team against Ireland has been announced, and many new faces can be given a chance, although Yashasvi Jaiswal will also be sent there so that he can be prepared for the World Cup. It is also to say that this thinking should also be read and fed to Jaiswal so that the Indian cricket team looks even more potent because if the opening batters of the Indian cricket team are outstanding, then they can put a lot of pressure on the front team and in this The most famous Jaiswal is a specialist, so his facility should be fully taken advantage of, where on the one hand Rohit Sharma will be seen opening inside the World Cup, so the Indian cricket team is still waiting for the other opening batsman who can perform well. And can reach the Indian cricket team to a good place.





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