Yami Gautam talks about OMG 2

Yami Gautam is in many headlines these days because her film OMG 2 is doing well at the box office, and this film is performing very well at the box office. On the one hand, Ghadar 2 is doing very well. It is making a lot of noise, so it got less attraction on YouTube, after which all the people started watching Omji 2, although Gadar 2 has already earned Rs 500 crores. After that, Omji 2 became the attraction of the people, and if this film becomes sexy very soon, then it will be a perfect film for Akshay Kumar because Akshay Kumar is the producer. He has also worked as an actor in the lead role in the movie, so he is continuously focusing on this film and has spent a lot of time in the promotion of this film, although he got a lot of delay due to the permission of the Censor Board. Even after that, he put his entire soul into it to ensure no flaw in this film.



Although this film has earned little till now, the director, producer, actor and actress are all hopeful that the film will be successful. We can make a good collection because Ghadar 2 has succeeded in Bollywood Gha. Dar two has yet to be set in Dheere Cinema Karo, and Om Ji Tu has started showing there, and the sooner this film is released in the theatres, the better. More collections will be seen increasing for it, and within the last seven days, it has earned more than Rs 100 crores, so its directors and producers are looking very happy and hopeful that within the coming week, it will also make even more.



Yami Gautam was star cast by Akshay Kumar.



Yami Gautam’s entry in this film entirely depends on Akshay Kumar because Akshay Kumar is the film’s producer, and he had decided to have a complete star cast due to the second lockdown when its star cast was ready. Then they thought of Gautam, and they said that Gautam was perfect for this character. We would select you thoroughly; that is why they called us Gautam, and here I told you the complete script after you said you were very impressed with Akshay Kumar. The dedication level of Akshay Kumar is excellent. The reason behind making this film was also excellent, although, through this film, he is helping society. He wanted to convey a message to the people, so he thought it was right to work in this film. He felt that this film could prove to be very good for his career and could also give a new place to it.



Yami Gautam absolutely yes to work in this film. The girl started shooting entirely after the other people were down, and after that, Akshay Kumar also selected Pankaj Tripathi for this film. He would appear in his 20 films. Pankaj Tripathi is known for his excellent performance and is also one of those actors of Bollywood whose acting is discussed continuously. We get to see him act very simply; his acting has no controversy. Other actors who play lead roles try to show their work differently, but Pankaj Tripathi’s acting is entirely different from others.



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